Rare Breed Champion of the year

Winner: Alice Lennox

Alice helps her father, Graham, run Doonies Rare Breed Farm.  It is home to a wide range of rare and native breeds including sheep, pigs, goats, ponies, and poultry and is a RBST approved Farm Park, one of only 2 in Scotland.  

Alice has been very active in promoting rare and native breeds and the video tours she hosts from the farm always have very big audiences.  They allow Alice to explain the importance of our native livestock and how they are adapted to our countryside and landscapes, and she answers questions live on air during the tours.  

The tours followed the births of several breeds including Greyfaced Dartmoor sheep (which was the first pure bred flock in Northeast Scotland) and OSB pigs and help the audience to understand the relationship between land, animal and food.

The Doonies Facebook page has over 10,500 followers and this allows Alice to promote rare breeds to a wide audience.

She has also created a range of merchandise featuring rare breeds and gives 10% of the proceeds to RBST.  

Alice is the Secretary/Treasurer of the RBST Northern Scotland Support Group and an active promoter of the benefit of being involved with the work RBST carry out both locally and further afield.


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