Sustainable Farm of the Year

Winner: Uradale

Uradale is an Organic farming-based business in Shetland and covers approximately 1200 acres of steep land from moorland to coastline.

Only the native Shetland breeds of cattle and sheep are kept.  All stock is finished on the farm before processing at the local cooperative’s abattoir and carcases for export are shipped onwards to markets in Edinburgh, London, and Hong Kong.  Local markets are supplied from the on-farm butchery operated by Jakob Eunson.

Uradale has engaged in successful environmental management for biodiversity for over 25 years and this has since been enhanced with carbon sequestering peatland work.

Uradale processes all its organic wool into knitting yarns. The selling points making it different being it is organic, it is unbleached, only organic dyes are used and it has immediate character.

The yarns are designed to be ‘of the place’ and not to compete directly with the multinationals.  Much is sold through the Uradale Yarns website direct to knitters with America being an appreciative destination.  Since Covid, shops in America, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland and Germany have started stocking the yarns.

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