Sustainable Small Farm of the Year

Winner: Tullich Highland Rare Breed Pigs

Bob Pratley runs Tullich Highland Rare Bred Pigs from his croft near Invergordon. 

He breeds and raises rare breed native pigs including Oxford Sandy and Black, Large Black and British Lop.  All the pigs are outdoor bred and reared, they are free range all the year round and are encouraged to display their natural behaviours as well as enjoying interaction with people should they (the pigs) desire. 

There is a small shop on the croft which sells their own meat products which is produced for them by local butchers and they also sell their own free range eggs.

He runs in house courses aimed at new pig keepers and those who would like more information before keeping pigs as well as pig enthusiasts in general.  During these courses attendees are able to meet the different types of rare breed pigs, see different types of pig equipment in use and work through the processes involved when starting on a journey in pig keeping, and where possible meet professionals from other organisations they will encounter when keeping pigs.

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