Native Breed Society of the Year

Winner:  The Eriskay Pony Society

The Eriskay Pony Society protects and promotes Scotland’s Ancient Hebridean Ponies and members and breeders are supported by an enthusiastic and pro-active council.  The Society works closely with RBST in all aspects of its work as the breed is listed as a “Priority”.

The Society uses SPARKS (Single Population Analysis Records Keeping System) sheets for each individual pony to identify good pairings and to try and slow down the rate of inbreeding which is vital in a breed with so small a gene pool.  The Society offers a breeding grant to support members to increase the numbers of foals born each year and is always available for advice and support.

Generous funding from the Horse Race Betting Levy Board, with a contribution from the Society’s own funds, is enabling EPS to proceed with its most ambitious project yet. The aim is to take DNA samples in the form of hair from as many registered Eriskay ponies as possible which will be analysed by a team at Nottingham Trent University to produce a comprehensive genome assessment.  This will give a profile of the current genetic health of the breed and, in the future, help to isolate deleterious characteristics.

The Society puts considerable effort into promoting the Eriskay Pony and takes stands at equine and Rare Breeds events to showcase the breed as well as running an online breeding conference.

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