Sustainable Farming Communicator of the Year

Winner: Nikki Yoxall

Nikki, along with her husband James, have a small farm in Aberdeenshire where they work on the integration of livestock into small farm ecology confirming that livestock play an important role for healthy soil, plants and wildlife.

Nikki works with Pasture for Life and others to promote Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture and is in great demand as a speaker both in person and online to discuss these important issues.  She is very visible on social media, having almost 8,000 followers on Twitter, where she discusses and educates on the benefits of sustainable farming.

Nikki is a Soil Association Farmer Ambassador, and has represented the regenerative farming community both at COP 26 (speaking in the Blue Zone and at fringe events) and at TED Countdown in the lead up to COP. Nikki has contributed to the Scottish Ecological Design Association’s land conversations in 2021 and spoke recently at the Aberdeen Climate Café along with NFUS and Soil Association staff, promoting Agroecology and the use of Native Breed cattle in feeding local communities.

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